Who We Are:
Gulf Coast Clean Fuel specializes in fuel management, fuel polishing and tank cleaning. With almost 50 years in the marine trades, we’ve learned that significant engine problems originate in the fuel. We designed, engineered and constructed our fuel polishing system using the most technologically advanced systems to prevent and reverse such issues. Proper fuel testing and treatment and consistent tank cleaning can ensure that your fuel is as pure and ready to perform as the day it left the refinery.

What Is Fuel Polishing?
Fuels are a complex cocktail of distilled petroleum and additives. Fuel begins to deteriorate, and many of the additives begin to come out of suspension within days of leaving the refinery. Over time, this can cause the fuel to become difficult to burn, corrosive or any combination of problems. Allowing this deteriorated fuel to remain in the fuel tank can cause expensive damage to the engine and related systems. This damage can be avoided by the process of fuel polishing that Gulf Coast Clean Fuel provides.

What Industries Do We Serve?